Methacton Audubon Recreation Association (MARA) Baseball program was founded in 2021.  Taking the successful History of (2) Great Programs in Audubon Recreation Association (ARA) established in 1967 & Methacton Baseball Association (MBA) established in 1982 and offering the children & families of our community an opportunity to participate in a Top Tier Recreation Baseball program.

From ages 4 to 12, MARA offers Baseball for kids of ALL ages and ALL abilities.  MARA is a Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth organization that offers Rec play up through tournament play for state & regional championships.

MARA was created to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for children to learn the game of baseball.  The safety and wellbeing of our players is the primary objective of MARA.   MARA is committed to teaching the fundamentals of the game while at the same time, creating a childhood LOVE for Baseball.  Players & Families can expect to learn the value of Sportsmanship, teamwork and service that will enable them to improve as Individuals & Teammates.  We at MARA recognize that Baseball is a Game and Games are supposed to be FUN.  In all aspects of our training and instruction we strive for player development in ALL areas of the game while keeping a focus the learning fun.

MARA Baseball is a community organization made up of our incredible players, families and our dedicated volunteers.  Our MARA Complexes are second to none with multiple fields available for all age groups.  We truly believe that our rich history from ARA & MBA, our love for the game, our amazing families and volunteers is what makes our MARA Baseball program a great success.



Some children may not necessarily have the opportunity to play an organized team sport due to a physical challenge. We believe all children in our community should have an opportunity to play baseball/softball. Our Bambino program allows that to happen for players from age 4-22.

The team practices once per week and plays a modified version of baseball against neighboring leagues’ programs. The players are partnered with buddies from our older softball and baseball divisions to assist with baserunning and fielding. Our Bambino program is a rewarding experience for all involved.

Quickball (Instructional)

A CO-ED entry level program for our youngest of players ages 4-5. Quickball is a High-Speed Baseball training program which focuses on the basic physical aspects of the game of baseball. Utilizing the “station” approach, Quickball keeps the players constantly engaged with active game play. Rotating stations for Hitting, Running and Fielding helps keep the attention span of our youngest age group. Quickball is a GREAT introduction for any young player to familiarize them with the basic physical skills of baseball

Coach Pitch (Instructional)

An Instructional based program for our Ballplayers primarily 6ys old. Our Coach Pitch division looks to expand on the “Baseball Basics” taught in Quickball by applying those skills to the game of baseball. Each inning All players play the field, All players Hit and All Players run the bases.
Games are typically 90min with Instruction still the primary focus. Coaches are present on the field and will work on refining past skills while at the same time introducing / developing new skills. Players will also be introduced to the mental part of the game with more “situational” baseball.
Outs are introduced at this level to have the players understand the flow of the game.
Official score is not kept, No Standings are kept and No Playoffs.

Machine Pitch (Instructional)

Our most Advanced Instructional Division with Ballplayers primarily 7yrs old. Our Machine Pitch Division is where we look to introduce the game of Baseball. At this point most players have played lower levels of Instructional baseball for 1 or more years and are familiar with the “Baseball Basics”. Coaches will look to refine past skills, break any potential bad habits and prepare the Ballplayers for next seasons “Competitive Rookie Division”.
Games are typically 2hrs. A Pitching Machine is introduced with the machine setting at 36mph. All players will still play the field; however, only (6) players will be allowed in the infield. All players are in the batting lineup.
Outs are recorded so in the event a team records (3) outs, the bases clear and the teams switch sides.
In keeping with the “Instructional” concept, Official Score is Not Kept, Strikeouts are NOT permitted, No Official standings Kept, No Playoffs.

Rookie League

Our earliest of the “Competitive” Divisions with Ballplayers primarily 8yrs old. Rookie is our 1st year of Player Evaluations / Tryouts. Rookie League is a combination of Machine Pitch and Kid Pitch. Players & Coaches will work together to continue developing more advanced Baseball skills. The introduction of Kid Pitch comes into play with (2) Innings of Kid Pitch followed by (4) innings of Machine Pitch. The Machine speed is increased to 38-40mph and a Catcher is introduced as well. Runners can advance on extra base hits, secondary leads, stealing bases, etc.
Games are set for 2hrs or 6 Innings (whichever comes 1st). No more than (10) players can play the field at a given time with a max of (6) players in the infield. Pitchers have Inning limitations. No Walks, No Bunting, Batters are encouraged to take full aggressive swings.
At this level the Ballplayers are experiencing the game of Baseball. Strikeouts are in Play, Outs are Kept, Score is Kept. All teams will make the Playoffs and will compete for the Rookie Division Champion!

Minor League

A “Competitive” Division with Ballplayers 9&10yrs old. Our Minors Division holds Player Evaluations/Tryouts. This Division is ALL KID Pitch with Games set for 2hrs or 6 innings.
Field Dimensions set at 46/60 (pitchers mound/bathpaths). Players will begin to learn more advanced Baseball Skills (Bunting, Aggressive Baserunning, Cut-Off plays, etc).
Defensive team will field (10) players with outfielders positioned at minimum 15ft behind the infield. Players will be taught field positioning and “moving on every play”. Minors Divisions follows the Rules of Cal Ripken, slightly modified for a 9-10yo player. This league provides all aspects of the True game of Baseball in a limited fashion. Teams will compete to become the Minors Champion

Major League

A “Competitive” Division with Ballplayers 11&12yrs old. This is our final age bracket/Division within our MARA REC program. The National Division will hold Player evaluations and tryouts. This Division is ALL Kid Pitch and follows the rules of Cal Ripken Baseball. The field is set up for a 50/70 (pitching/basepaths). Games are played on the “BIG Field” which leads to a GREAT final experience for all of our players, coaches & fans.
Games are set for 6 innings.
All roads leading to the MARA National League Playoff with (1) team being crowned MARA League Champion!

Divisions and Contacts



FALL BALL Registration is OPEN. Our MARA Fall season is an instructional program in a relaxed setting. The sessions will take on a "Camp/Clinic" type approach with players working on refining past skills and developing new skills. The Fall season will run approx 6wks and take place on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

MARA Contacts

Baseball:     Matt Hankins  playmara@yahoo.com Softball:      Tom Simmers    Tpsimmers@gmail.com Basketball: Phil Caiazzo       ara.basketball1@gmail.com




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