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MARA softball wasn’t just born out of two teams merging. It was created because of mutual long standing traditions and values that the coaches of Methacton Baseball Association (MBA), which was founded in 1982 and Audubon Recreation Association (ARA), which was founded in 1967 saw in each other’s associations. 

From ages 4 to 18, MARA offers softball for all ages and skill sets. MARA is committed to developing a love of softball, as well as passion for playing the game, for these young girls through excellent instruction and coaching. While our commitment to continuing superior instruction and player development is a priority, so is forming lifelong friendships through playing the sport of softball as young women. MARA softball is truly a community organization made up of not only incredible softball players, but also amazing parents, who help us continue to grow our values both on and off the fields. Our facilities are second to none, as is our volunteer base. MARA has a great history of instructional softball for younger girls and continuing superior instruction as the girls get older. MARA is a Babe Ruth organization that offers a national structure of rec play up up through tournament play for state and regional championships. From MARA softball, Invasion fastpitch was created for girls who are looking to play at a higher level then their local community recreation program.

Invasion Fastpitch was created to provide an opportunity for athletes to develop their passion for competitive softball at a young age.  Growing out of the MARA softball program, Invasion Fastpitch allows the youth softball player from as early as the age of 7, the ability to play the sport she loves at the highest competitive level possible all while learning to be the best teammate on and off the field. The Invasion player is part of a sisterhood committed to each other and to the task of playing great softball.  Our mission is to foster an environment for young women to learn self-respect, respect for others, and respect for her beloved game. For more information please visit


From T-ball to college showcases, MARA and Invasion softball exemplifies passion for the game, as well the development of the player both as a teammate and athlete for all ages and skill sets.


For any information regarding the MARA softball program or Invasion Fastpitch travel program please contact:

Tom Simmers


Cell: 267-251-4029

MARA Softball Guide

MARA offers the following programs for girls 4-18 years of age and for a range of skill levels.


• 4/6U T-ball/quick ball
• 7/8U (Rookie Instructional League)
• 9/10U (Minors developmental League)
• 11/12U (Majors next level development)
• 13-18U (Senior competitive league)


Invasion Fastpitch strives to have a tournament team for every birth year from 7U to 18U.

• 7/8U (annual Babe Ruth all-stars each June, local tournaments in Spring/Summer )
• 9/10U Invasion Fastpitch (tryouts in August, Babe Ruth team in June, local tournaments, USA/USSSA in Spring/Summer)
• 11/12U Invasion Fastpitch (tryouts in August, Babe Ruth team in June, local tournaments, USA/USSSA in Spring/Summer)
• 13/14U Invasion Fastpitch (tryouts in August, USA/USSSA/Showcase tournaments in Spring/Summer)
• 15/16U Invasion Fastpitch (tryouts in August, USA/USSSA/Showcase tournaments in Spring/Summer)
• 17/18U Invasion Fastpitch (tryouts in August, USA/USSSA/Showcase tournaments in Spring/Summer)


10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U Invasion (tryouts in August, fees include range of tournaments, year-round instruction)

MARA serves families throughout Lower/Upper Providence, West/East Norriton, Lansdale, Phoenixville, and Worcester.

In addition, if a child attends a school that is within the defined boundaries of MARA but lives outside of the boundary, they are still eligible to play here.


MARA Contacts

Baseball:     Matt Hankins Softball:      Tom Simmers Basketball: Phil Caiazzo




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